Create a Question

When in doubt whether an image is holding back… if it feels too restrained, too muted… my go to choice is to take an action that violates the acceptance of the image. Push it off balance. Create tension. Create a need for response and make the viewer question what they are reacting to. Create a state of arousal.

Questioning is a lived experience that acceptance very much is not.


Green Eyes

There’s a part of myself that genuinely wishes I drew like this all of the time.

I feel her eyes on me and they purr “I don’t understand you, but I see you, and I accept you.”

The Plan 2019

It’s a simple plan…

2019 is already half over and I’m on track with two straight forward goals.

First… Ive been feeling a growing need to work towards a new mode of ideation, moving away from an exclusively functional based mode of thinking and more towards a figurative influence, specifically, working collaboratively with models to build compositions. Initially, being  completely unfamiliar with working with models, the only way that I felt that I would be able to work with a live model was to be part of a life drawing group. Unfortunately there weren’t any local groups that were open to the public. All the opportunities were behind the barricades of higher education. Now, with the Stockton Art League generously giving us access to their space, we’re 9 months into successfully running our own group. Generally consisting of 6 to 10 at any given session, it meets 3 times a month at the gallery and so far the biggest complaint is that we’re not meeting more often.

Second… through out 2019, I’ve made it a point to sit down and sketch at least one figure drawing a day for a year, fast, slow, good, bad, whatever, just sit down and do it. A special emphasis is being put on learning to become loosely fluent in hands, feet, and faces. The hope is to take that developing fluency cross media to painting and printmaking and possibly back across to ceramics.

Admittedly, when I hear myself reading this out loud, it doesn’t sound very broadly ambitious, but it’s been a life long dream to learn to confidently, if not competently, work with the figure on paper.

As it’s happening, I’m finding myself coming to terms with how that actually shows up. Its all to easy to inadvertently find myself comparing my own progress against the established skills of others. From this close up it just looks chaotic and messy. It’s not easy to see the progress or spot the patterns emerge until I step away and look back.

The whole thing really is rather messy and rough, but it feels really good to be finally making a go of this.

Victory of Color

Just set it down, step away and enjoy the victory of color.

I have a need to feel what’s in front of me. Color sparks what often seems absent in the language of line and form. Just opening the door to that realization is a victory that can’t be undone.

Information Density 

I believe we may be collectively arriving at the beginning of a tipping point where more people start to reevaluate the information density that they choose to live in. We don’t always need all the facts to make choices. Much of the time, pulling from past experience is a more appropriate mode for decisions. Making is running in parallel viewing.  We simply don’t need all the details in order to enjoy what’s being presented, I prefer to be allowed space inside a composition to imagine the details rather than having everything articulately filled in. 

This isn’t a “less is more ” stance as much as an “aww fuck there’s more?” stance. 

Tag Team


There are times that I’m floored by what happens in collaboration with Jessica. She had given me permission to play around with her contour drawings before they found their way to the recycle bin. Offhandedly I picked up one of her drawings and added color and background to it experimentally before handing it back to Jess so I could go make dinner. 

Above is what I originally passed to her. The surprise was what she showed me a few minutes later…

A big difference and a wonderful touch. I love playing tag team with her.