Session #38

Lauren session #38

Law of the minimum: Growth is limited by that which is present in the least amount.

A person could have an abundance of time, talent, opportunity, materials, good judgment, whatever…. but if any one of those are in short supply, growth is going tobe choked off.

Looking at what I’m short on and the list has enough boxes filled in that I should be grateful to be making any headway at all. I would appreciate more time, but I wouldn’t rub a lamp to ask for it, much to afraid how the genie would actually make that one happen. What I could really use is a mentor and some peers, more like minded people that are ambitious for challenge and growth. People to develop with. The life drawing session that Jess and I are running just isn’t that. It’s an opportunity that attracts a few people. It’s not a functional peer group yet. I believe it might be that no one is holding anyone accountable for their own growth yet. Maybe it’s time to ask each other to do just that. 

Do you want to grow?… and what might that growth look like?

Autotelic vs Exotelic

Lauren session #38

Autotelic is something that is an end to itself, an activity done for the sheer enjoyment itself.

Exotelic is something that is done to receive an external reward.

Day 18

A lazy Saturday of sleeping in late, coffee in bed, an afternoon spent cleaning a decade of grime off an old letterpress, a dim sum date, more coffee, pizza, movies, and two drawings. 

Ok, now that I read that back knowing I left out some of the good stuff, that doesn’t sound like a lazy day. We have to fit some of it in today though, tomorrow is two life drawing sessions back to back with Lauren. That’ll eat up the whole day. 

The amazing Lady Fong up to her elbows in Citrasolv and cast iron today cleaning the goo off an old Chandler & Price letterpress that Paula miraculously brought into Tuleburgpress last weekend. Absolutely amazing!!!

Day 17

…search without knowing what’s being looked for…

Mulling over Balthus’s dark approach to erotic composition. Towering darkness, blur of motion, isolation of a frozen detail, fog of place… From its place in memory, it’s an ideal to move towards.

Post-it Note 1/16

Miss Brie session #37

It doesn’t need to have meaning for it to be an experience worth being present for.

Discovery that you can learn is reason enough to invest yourself in presence.

Learning to draw is an opportunity to learn to slow down and see what’s right there in front of us.

A Necessary Mess

Day 15

Miss Brie session #37


Tonight’s piece was a cheat. At last night’s session with Miss Brie, the majority of the drawings were either 5 minute sets or 10. Enough time to lay down lines and stub in shadows to give a bit of form, but not enough time to resolve much. Tonight’s round was quickly spent reworking a drawing with charcoal powder. I haven’t developed a predicable strategy for handling this stuff without making an unnecessary mess, so opening the tin in the gallery is pretty much out of bounds. Working on it though. Now that I’ve gotten a taste for dark value, I’m not keen on giving it up.