Words of Advise While No One Is Looking

Is all of this writing really necessary?

50 posts into a new journa,l I freely admit to the narcissism of vanity writing, but I need to say, it really helps me nail down some of what is floating through my head and give me a small sense of personal validation by way of giving time to my inner thoughts and personal inner life.

IMG_2288In the scheme of things, I’m a just a dad,
a friend,
a partner.
Everything else spins out of my head.

imagejpeg_2_70My time spent in the studio and time spent writing is time spent trying to connect with ideas and anyone beyond my own personal borders…
I’m not sure on the “how” or “why” of it all, but up until recently, I’ve lived inside a box of my own construction. Censoring my ideals, ideas, and ambitions to satisfy someone else’s needs of personal worth.
When any of us act this way, we are without a doubt, our own greatest limitation. IMG_052350 posts into this I want to say something to myself while no one is looking…

Let’s make these last few years counts.

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