KVIE Art Auction 2014

It’s time to come clean…
While the work from this series has come to mean so many different things to me…
The cool relief of the delta winds,
the afternoons watching the crows play in the winds,
pleasant loneliness…

Delta Winds
The original spark for this series a response to a single event. An event that sent a cold dark shiver through me the moment that my studio-mate informed me of what was exactly in motion.

It was the earthquake and tidal wave in Japan March 2011.

At the time, the ramifications of what might happen put carrion crow in the skies of my imagination. They began materializing onto the surfaces of my work finished  before the end of the week as a prayer against what I saw happening in my minds eye.

To what good the prayers went, it’s hard to say…
This work carries the loneliness of the no-mans-land lost to the people who lived and worked the land given up to the disaster.

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