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Dots, Dots, Dots!

I’m seeing Dots at the 2015 Akar Yunomi Invitational!


All of the yellow dots have turned red since yesterday and now I’m relaxing into deciphering how this resonates internally. I’m going to enjoy this momentary validation of my approach to both the materials and ideas that I’m putting on the pile. It’s comforting to see that I haven’t spooked everyone out the backdoor with a bit of “the Ol’ Jolly Jim”.

IMG_5188Now I get to find out if anyone is open to entertaining the idea of a presentation of larger body of work.

Linda Fahey

How cool is this!!!
Gallery owner and artist, Linda Fahey at the Hey Yonder Shop in the Bay Area, has been picking up a watercolor brush and surprising more than a few of us with a few more of her hidden talents lately.

I’m very honored to see someone do take the time to do something like this.

canvas1Top Shelf Linda… top shelf.

Akar 2015

Why do I sing of the flowers, sex, and death?
A blossom blooms for the sake of being,
Trembled fingers long to find quick breath,
Love for the sake of Love…
For in miraculous transformation I find my rest.

Akar 2015Being asked to contribute to this exhibition and fund raiser for Studio Potter Magazine is a thrill beyond thrill for me. It’s been the online creme d’la creme of American functional ceramics for almost a decade, and being the massively huge fan of this exhibition that I am, every year as soon as the exhibition goes public, I’ve excitedly clicked in and daydreamed.

To say it’s been one of the most important annual exhibitions for contemporary ceramics is an understatement. It’s shown a new generation what is possible and has given us all permission to dream bigger. Pleasing ourselves before pleasing the marketplace.

At least that’s my take away….

Special note. All proceeds from the sale of my work in this exhibition are going directly to the the Studio Potter Magazine so please open up, enjoy, and support with a purchase.

If you press “Buy” let me know… there is a new conversation that can start…


Capital Clay Invitational 2015


I got a chance to show with my studio partner Jessica Fong at the 2015 Capital Clay Intonational at the E Street Galley in Sacramento last month, and while I like getting to get an opportunity to put a few works in front of a new audience, I particularly enjoy getting to exhibit with her. Personal aesthetic reasons aside, I think our work plays very well together.


FiddlerAndFirefliesVaseBut what I really enjoyed about this exhibition was that they invited the two of us to do a live collaborative demonstration of what we do, answer questions, and most importantly, engage personally with students and collectors about what motivates us as craftsmen and designers,

11188310_10205502606857555_6488072018782849727_nNo doubt about it… this is Fun!