Monthly Archives: August 2016

Floral Romp

You play with your partner so much that it can’t be said where one begins and one ends.

Like two plants side by side, branches entwining, appearing as one. 

This is very much what it starts to look like as studio partners incessantly work together. There are parts that are obviously sheparded by seperate hands, but some parts couldn’t happen without the other…

I Love playing with you Jessica Fong.


It’s a Daily Thing

Today’s lesson with the kids was that showing up and doing the work that’s in front of you is the price that needs to be paid just to be in the game.

It’s a daily thing.


3 works finished off with the August penumbral lunar eclipse in mind. 

The full moon was so bright, its beams lit up the night. We glowed like blue djinn, dancing for each other.

Granting wishes and gifting flowers…

A celebration, asleep by dawn.