Monthly Archives: August 2016

Floral Romp

You play with your partner so much that it can’t be said where one begins and one ends.

Like two plants side by side, branches entwining, appearing as one. 

This is very much what it starts to look like as studio partners incessantly work together. There are parts that are obviously sheparded by seperate hands, but some parts couldn’t happen without the other…

I Love playing with you Jessica Fong.


3 works finished off with the August penumbral lunar eclipse in mind. 

The full moon was so bright, its beams lit up the night. We glowed like blue djinn, dancing for each other.

Granting wishes and gifting flowers…

A celebration, asleep by dawn.

Floral Block

Pulling this image from the unpublished archive of work from a few years ago simply because the piece came up in a radon conversation at the gallery with a walk-in customer. Originally, Jess and I made only 5 of these before the design was shelved, partially because it didn’t have any tactical attributes I prefer ( I like to feel the work in my hand), but mostly because the design was too matchy matchy for my taste at the time. Two were set aside, but the other 3 disappeared off into the world. In all honesty, while it was a decent design and Jess’s craftsmanship was impeccable as usual, it wasn’t work that I really wanted to push forward and invest any additional time into. It didn’t challenge our shared aesthetics nor did it broaden any understanding of what was possible once it was done.

Despite that, I’ve had customers inquiring about that particular design. People liked it. The lady visiting the gallery liked it. This random walk-in was asking the gallery director sitting next to me (Jess once again) about the work. “Was the gallery going to get any more in?” Jess of course pointed towards me and said, “Ask him.”

The answer was a flat “No.”

But now that I’ve said it, it is a handsome little design….