Cut Flowers

Jess and I went back at it this weekend, still working to fill the 4 square feet that we acquired in a salt kiln. It’s not hard filling that space, but filling it on short notice and with intention, especially me, with no material experience with salt firings, that’s a bit more of a jog.

Still, I’m pretty excited about all the greenware that’s been getting made. Lots of experimental works and, of course, we finally got a chance to add a little skull flower. I had been trying hard to restrain myself, but it needed that cherry to complete the design.


The whole load is filled with lots of risk. Not a single sure thing in the bunch, but results should be exciting to play with when they exit the kiln. I’m hoping for one or two racers out of the lot, I really would be quite happy with that. I’m still gladly open to more, but one or two gems and I’d be just fine.

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