Twilight Fireflies

When I was much, much younger, my girlfriend and I had a penchant for sneaking out after dusk on warm summer nights, and under the light of the full moon we’d count fireflies as we strolled the deer paths through the meadows.

The nights were soft and so blue, we felt like we were alone, walking in a world filled with night magic.

We were wrong about many things, but not that.

These two pieces are representatives of a micro-edition of 6 floral motif chawans that went through the kilns in 2017. Firefly glows, night blooms, moon light, contemplative love… summer night poetry.

What makes this series of particular interest to me is the glaze that was used. It’s a semi opaque textured glaze made soft to the touch by gently sanding the surface with a diamond pad. These feel absolutely amazing! 

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