Blossoming Self-realization

I’m learning to lean into my beliefs and opinions, speaking them and writing them down to pass across the table. With that said, I apologize in advance for the pretentious stance in the next few posts…

Engaging in the activity of making any Art is much more than a product oriented process. For the great majority of us, it’s an practice that actively allows us to justify exploring our loves and passions, the things that we each find ourselves attracted to, submitting those to a kind of discipline aimed at becoming… helping an ideal version of ourselves blossom.

We do not emerge into the world fully formed, a genius untested, instead we emerge with potential to discover ourselves and bloom, a transcendence through an unending labor of self realization.

How self realization shows up for each of us is entirely reliant on the actions of ourselves.

Actions propelled by the authenticity of our private curiosities and intentions rather than the seduction and comfort of working to meet outside expectations.

Any thoughts?

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