Finding the Target

People hint that maybe an artist needs to be able to hit a target before being given permission to make up their own rules.

I actually raise my own hand in sheepish agreement on this one. Despite being a producing craftsman my entire adult life, I didn’t feel like I could honestly call myself an artist until I could accurately render a persons portrait.

The fact that attempting to tackle likenesses is something that I’ve avoided for so long hints at how seriously I feel about it. I didn’t want to suffer the task a injustice of my own incompetence, but I won’t get anywhere by not engaging.

Ironically now that I’ve started, it’s plainly obvious that I don’t need top-shelf skills to check off the box, I just need enough skill to find the target while I improve.

It is what we make of it, so with work in hand, I’m now free to play.

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