Life Drawing 6/2

Looking through the room at what’s developing on everyone’s drawing boards, it’s interesting to see what each person brings to the perspective that they occupy. Each person is in the same room with the same model, but with a slightly different line of sight. Most work towards seeing and rendering what’s in front of them, but occasionally a few seem to be projecting much more into the activity, something very different. There’s a question whether those few projectors are even getting a similar experience as the rest. Would they even know if they were? Everyone seems to enjoy themselves with the activity at hand, but looking at what’s on the page, there’s a difference.

I love looking at the simplicity of a beautifully rendered outline. A form skillfully sculpted with tonal values easily catches my eye. Like everyone else, I start each drawing with the assumption of moving towards those ideals. Pretty much as soon as the chalk touches the paper, something else happens. Like everyone else, the models form is found and worked out, but in a mix of frustration and joy with the process, color gets brought in. Sometimes it adds a soothing feel to the page, other times it has the feel of aggression, colors and lines pushing against each other, working in conflict, playing with rhythm and exploring balance.

I don’t give it much thought outside of the flow of the moment until we take a break and we walk around looking at each other’s work.

That’s nice.

That’s pretty.

That’s really good.

Everyone is obviously moving towards development of their own unrealized ideal.

I look at my pile of papers an can’t help wondering what the fuck is the ideal that makes any sense of the work that keeps showing up?….and then break is over and we all are back at our drawing boards enjoying the flow of our private performance.

I like the projectors, they make me curious about what’s hidden away inside their heads, wondering what’s similar in our differences and why they show up on the ways that they do.

Session is over. We are already saying goodbye. Looking forward to seeing each other in 2 weeks. Looking forward to seeing ourselves

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