Unsettled Comfort

I started the project of returning to drawing with the unspoken desire and very real belief that the more I practiced, the more I could develop the ability to be more like someone else, someone who made things that looked this way or looked that way, but instead I found that the more I practiced, the more my work instead looks uniquely itself, full of flaws and character, but none the less, by a quizzical definition, itself.

We don’t have to be comfortable with what we ourselves do, in many ways, quite the opposite, being uncomfortable keeps us moving and growing, but wether we like the work or not, our work is a reflection of ourselves.

I’ve been asked if I thought it was true that “Interesting work often mirrors “interesting” makers.” I have to state that for the sake of the art, the artist, and most importantly the viewer, I hope the art is much more interesting.

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