Post-it Note

4 mouths ago, the thought was to sit down every night after work and do a quick portrait drawing, just relax and enjoy the process, make 100 of them and see where it goes. It’s been an experience. I don’t know how many have been done, I quickly lost track, but I’ve definitely improved and gained confedence in blocking in and laying down lines. As I was drawing this quick sketch yesterday, I had to take a moment to note that I was doing something that a year ago I wouldn’t have been able to do. To be able to just sit down and draw Jess wasn’t going to just happen, I would have been so overly concerned with making a bad drawing, I wouldn’t have made the drawing. Now… I really don’t care. Bad drawings happen. They happen all the time, but sometimes good ones happen instead. Both are worth the experience of doing. 

“Tangled Sheets” graphite on found paper

Am I glad invested time and effort into moving back onto paper? Absolutely. Despite 30 years of working in the arts, I’m finally actually feeling like I’ve earned the right to claim to be an artist. 

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