Post-it Note 7-31

As the experiments go on, I keep returning to using form as a vehicle for the use of color. I’ll happily take a nieve use of color over a skilled adherence to representational use. I want to feel a drawing from across the room though it’s massing of colors. Engagement through discord, preferably joyous discord.

But I’ll accept what shows up and learn to ask for what I want as I figure out what exactly that could be.

Passing note… The above drawing is an inverted view of a man’s rib cage. Cropping into a section of the figure relives the drawing of a need to maintain recognizability, freeing up the exsercize to just making marks while sticking to the proportions presented.

I need to find a way to lay down some serious white (or any other color) at this stage. Any attempts with the pastels just turns to grey mud. 

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