The Eyes Have It

The face is a landscape. It should be easy to see all the familiar features and note subtitle differences that makes each one different… faces are so familiar, it seems it should be relatively easy and intuitive, but instead it’s much wonderfully more complex than how it seems it should be.

A few months into learning to render peoples features and it’s inadvertently created a problem. Much too often during casual conversations, quizzical looks flash as I catch myself starring, mentally following the lift of a nose, the swelling of the lips, the shadows of the cheeks or depth of the brows…

“Are you starring into my eyes?”

“My apologies, Yes I am.”

“I’ve been learning to draw and I’ve been looking at a lot of faces lately… your face is very striking and quite lovely, my apologies for staring…”

It’s the start of a smile that’s reflected in the eyes.

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