Recognition of a Challenge 

I’m struggling with thinking that I’m overthinking what I’m drawing. I’m know that I’m confusing myself with the idea that by practicing creating work infused with meaning I’d be creating better work, an idea which is obviously both true and false at the same time. Layering meaning into a drawing can make a better design, but it’s not a given. Still, giving work meaning is far easier than what I really want to learn to do, practice creating drawings that can elicit a feeling. The difficulty being that triggering a feeling is an entirely a different kind of challenge, reason can be reasoned out by most, triggering a feeling is much more selective of its audience.

Apparently it looks like there’s no shortcuts, a whole language of design needs to be discovered, explored, practiced, critiqued, and internalized if any hope to gain ground on this. If there are any lesson plans or exsercizes somewhere out there that shares stradegies to achieve this, (and I’m sure that there is) I haven’t found them yet. 

This isn’t a complaint, it’s just the recognition of a challenge.

But I do enjoy the play of the color and the nod to the suggestion of a narrative. 

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