Post-it Note 9/22

I respect others that can excape their filters. As far as I can tell, we all have filters that we live our lives through. We pick a role to play or an expectation to meet… maybe a script or a personality trait that helps us survive. I enjoy meeting people that are comfortable exploring themselves and are open to share the experience. It’s a rare delight. I find myself cheering for those that can step away from their filters to enthusiastically feed their curiosity and make intuitive leaps in directions that result as responses to their own personal experiences. 

I feel that I’m continually writing myself a permission note by restating that it’s ok to make work that isn’t necessarily for anyone’s taste other than myself. I’m not even sure what filters I’m operating with, (obvious more than I’m aware of), but I’m working on shaking a persistent and unwanted need for affirmation. Unfortunately I suspect it’s a integral piece of my makeup that drives my development. I kind of wonder what would happen if I actually got it.

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