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Condiment of Rhythm

“A spot of decorative rhythm is a condiment for a drawing.”   Unknown 

Rhythm is being thought by some as more of a decorative condiment for design than as a principle of design.

I’m not sure that I’m seeing this in practice. What I am seeing is rhythm’s effect is similar to that of color, it’s like a flower to a bee. Rhythm is used to draw us in, and also like color, it can easily affect the temperament of the viewer, much as the pacing of a piece of music affects  the body.

We are sensitive to patterns of the and unconsciously attune to somatic feeling states of agitation, melancholy, sadness, joy, and ecstasy when we see it in others. Art demonstrates that we can tap into this trait and convey these energetic states through energetic representation using design principles of color, rhythm, and balance.

… But rhythm can just be pattern too…

 …So rhythem IS a principle of design, a tool to help set the energy of the piece, AND rhythm can be a decorative condiment, an element used for flavor.


Post-it Note 10/9


The assertion that the self resides solely inside each of us is a lie… the self is a flowing project of orinization of state and story, it’s relationship between the inner and outer world.

Post-it Note 10/13

Grabbed another page from Jess’s life drawing sketchbook to play with, another round of “Experimental Collaboration “. Looking at it now, there’s a bit of explanation that goes along with it. I chose this page because it had two separate poses superimposed over each other. It was chosen to see how two bodies can become a vin diagram of sorts… but I hadn’t noticed how the positioning of one of the hands had become accented and rather more lewdly suggestive than it originally appeared until after it was posted on social media. Still… I kind of like how it landed.