Studio Set for 2020

Studio set for 2020

I’m setting marks for work to be made and sold for 2020 along with time lines.

I’m scheduling to make 3 series of 12 stenciled yunomi to be sold. 15 of each will be made with the last 3 of each series either edited out or used for gifting.

A 4th series of yunomi are the first round of slip painted nudes with stenciled flowers. The goal is 36 made with the series edited down to 25.

A round of bracelets and chokers.

Bring 12 Drawings to frame.

Bring 2 etchings to frame.

Bring 2 photo/prints to frame

Edit down to 3 large canisters

Edit down to 10 vases

Learn to paint

36+ life drawing sessions

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