Condiment of Rhythm

A spot of decorative rhythm is a condiment for a drawing.

I’m reading that rhythm is being thought by some more as a decorative condiment for design than a principle of design.

I’m reading that rhythm is a tool to help set the energy of the piece.

I’m not sure that I’m seeing that in practice. What I am seeing is rhythms affect is much like that of color, it’s like a flower to a bee, rhythm is used to draw us in, and also like color, it can affects the temperament of the viewer much as the pacing of a piece of music can affect the body.

It’s a demonstration of the effect of vagal triggering. We are constantly scanning for patterns and unfamiliarity, quickly attuning to feeling the states of agitation, melancholy, sadness, joy, and ecstasy in our environment. These are energetic states are conveyed through energetic representation design principles (of color and rhythm.)

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