A Bit Surprised 

Well it finally happened. While going through and deleting photos on my phone I hit a patch of work that was interesting. It was a small handful of sketches. I couldn’t recall who’s work these were or where they came from, but from the date stamp they appeared to be relatively recent.

The line work, obviously lain down quickly, was bold, concise, and playful. While attention has been given to main form of the and its shadows, it was the transitions into the wrists, ankles, feet, and hands that caught my attention.

The drawings hit on my own personal points of current interest because … well, they are my drawings from a few weeks ago. It turns out, I was preoccupied with getting everyone settled into the session during the 2 minute sketches, I didn’t really register what had been done.

As I said, it was a bit of a surprise.

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