Questionable Task

Smartest idea that I bumped into today… “It’s not my task to provide a solution, someone else gladly has that covered, my task is to continue asking questions.”


It feels like a pompous thing to spout off, but today, I’m onboard with this.

It’s fairly safe to say that the most frequent question asked by viewers is, by no small coincidence, also the most easily relatable… “What is in front of you?” It’s feels good to understand what you are looking at. Representational art that actually looks like what’s being represented is usually what viewers expect to see, and I believe it’s precisely because of this common expectation that aspirations of artistic skill usually leans towards demonstrations of rote mimemic representation. The solution to the original question is then simply accurate representation.

I’m not really any different. Despite working in the arts over the past 30 years, I’ve been reluctant to think of myself as an artist until I could do just that, draw what was in front of me. But now I feel that I was being shortsighted, that the task that now has my interest is finding other questions to ask about what’s in front of me and how am I going to relate to the information that presents itself and how is that information going to be transformed.

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