Just My Type

Every new world needs a map…

Although it appears to take a particular kind of someone that feels compelled to build a boat, and another type of someone to explore and create the map needed for others to use to pilot the boat, and finally, it’s going to take a crew of “someones” to use the boat.

The Write Place is very similar to the boat that was built. A lot of effort was put into the dream of creating a book crafting studio in downtown Stockton, California and now it’s metaphorically moving its way out of port.

Nico and I spent the day together for the inaugural workshop learning the bare bones basics of typesetting and using the Golding Pearl Letterpress.

Upside down and backwards, the dyslexia is coming in real handy…

I’m pretty certain that I couldn’t find a media that’s more niche than typesetting and letterpress, but despite the lack of an audience, there’s still an allure to the archetype of the printed word. I grew up making my own zones and thinking of them as kin to the pamphlets Ben Franklin printed with an eye towards setting off a revolution. I don’t feel much has changed, it’s just that now, the changes that I have my own eye looking towards is amorè. 

That kind of change is just my type.

To be continued….

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