Dopamine and Pattern

It’s being asserted that patterns are solely an artifact of the mind. Pattering that’s found in our environment is a reflection of the mind. We are selected to see the lion in the bushes. The zebra has been selected for its ability to blend into the herd. The strips are selected by the observer/decision maker rather than the zebra, aka predators.

We don’t just recognize patterns in nature, we pull patterns out of the environment through the use of our imagination, we’ve been selected to see patterns where the repetition of a pattern is incomplete, filling in the missing parts to link up the elements into a whole. The recognition of incomplete pattern is an excersize of intuition.

The unshared secret is that pattern recognition is affected and heightened by dopamine. It’s not purely a coincidence that many studio artists are functional alcoholics. Alcohol consumption releases dopamine. Combined with the impulsive decision making of an alcoholic, lateral thinking naturally spins out of the accidental breaking of established patterns and realization of new emerging patterns.

Not an advocate… Just saying

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