Intonation before information

Intonation Before Information: “Your nervous system doesn’t listen to what’s being said until it feels invited in…” Deb Dana

Therapist Uncensored #110 with Deb Dana minute 44

Bare with me, I’m attempting to move a thought across platforms. The main assertion is that the information that’s presented in a conversation changes based on the state that the presenter is in. For instance, whether they are agitated, or safe, or depressed will color the intonation of how information is presented, and this in turn affects how the information is taken in by the listener.

Intonation before information

It’s an unintentional and inadvertent effect of verbal communication, but does it show up in similar ways in visual communication?

We consciously learn to tailor the art that we make using the principles of design and color theory, but does the intonement of a calm mind look different from an activated mind? Does the mental state leak into the work? Does the intonation of a visual work affect the nervous system before the information is even begun processing?

The intuitive answer feels like it’s an easy “yes, of course it does”..,

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