Cort Tower

So Jess’s project (challenge) was to create and print a 3 color print of the Cort Building using 3 separate wood blocks… In 4 days. This was run as a proof of concept project testing the use of a laser to etch the blocks.

It started at 1 am on the computer piecing together 6 differ t shots into one composite composition. She created a “flavor” through the controlled use of multiple skewed perspectives, repeating elements, strong horizon lines, ambiguous detail, and high contrast.

Jess then pulled the Hatch Makerspace into the project to laser engrave the three blocks. Each block took 30 minutes. An hour and a half…. That’s crazy… and they used a plywood sheet. 

There were a few minor issues here and there, but technically, nothing to dramatically trip up the process. It worked and her patron was enthusiastically pleased with what was presented. The proof of concept opened the door to a host of possibilities that everyone here is now looking at.

Way too many possibilities.

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