How is the work relevant to you…?

Do you feel a need for your work to be relevant?


To others or yourself?

To myself mostly, but I see myself reflected in others. I’d like others to recognize that this is something that I do. It’s a hope that I what I’m doing is actually seen as relevant to others.

So if your work is seen as relevant, you see yourself as relevant?


Is good work relevant work?

Tricky, relevance is measured by values, and values are constantly shifting. What’s good today is might be lain aside tomorrow for something better. Sometimes the aesthetics that disparage a work shift and catch up with a work later to laud it’s unseen brilliance. Relevance isn’t a fixed target, it’s a laural that’s momentarily won.

Do you make relevant work?

I make work that’s relevant to myself. I see that as solely my task. At points, I’ve found that what I’ve made has had relevance beyond myself and others have let me know. They buy my work and tell me stories about how it lives with them. They share it with others. I see the work light people up. It feels like it’s me that’s doing that. 

So how is the work relevant to you?

Ideally, the work slows people down, engages them, and creates a state of arousal. It creates space for growth in myself and for others, giving us a step to build on.

So you’re relevant?

To myself, sure… relevant enough to sleep soundly, but open to making another go at it tomorrow too.

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