Session #37 Miss Brie

Sitting down in front of a Brie is a completely different experience in comparison to sitting down on the couch with a photo or even another model.

Miss Brie session #37

This has become a challenge that Increasingly tests memory as a new level of detail becomes a priority. As sessions pass, priorities are shifting. With Brie, the effort is picturing what was there and balance that memory against a current moment.

It’s especially difficult if what’s being aimed for is a mememic representation (representational realism) of distinguishing features.

… but there’s also an affect that a difference of materials brings to bear. Keeping sessions as simple as possible has influenced the materials being played with. This limited pallet, along with the variable nature of the model, both shape how I work, how I explore, and the results that come out of the sessions.

There’s a fairly equal measure of frustration and satisfaction. Frustration with the drawings not conforming to expectations of what a drawing “should” look like, and satisfaction with the what actually happens during the experience and a sense of satisfaction with the end results

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