Last Page

Here it is, the last page. It took 3 weeks, from start to finish, to fill the tiny sketchbook that my daughter Nico made for me over her seasonal break. 48 pages of exploratory black and white figurative studies. A small series of drawings that have more or less accomplished what I hoped to accomplish, an exercise to help a developing sense of confidence in working values into a blocked in composition, while still learning the fundamentals of just how charcoal and graphite might be imagined to work.

There’s a frustration of wanting to be taught, but knowing that I’m generally an awful student, that creeps in at times, but after flipping through the finished pages of drawings, I’m rather happy with being responsible for my own challenges, it’s a welcome alternative to being a hopeful study of an uninterested teacher.

Ahhhhh the joy of trial and error.

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