Shadow Play

Trying something different to see how it creates change by bringing in an old brush and liquid charcoal (a mix spirit alcohol and powdered charcoal) to the drawings. Right away, it has added a dynamic element to working through an image. The black brushstrokes, washes, and the use of loose lines allows for an ability to boldly assert a form.

What’s being found as delightful is the aspect of how both the strokes and the lines read in their physicality. They both show their making. The pressure of the brush, the sweep of the arm and wrist, the play of a loaded brush or the blunting of a charcoal pencil.

I enjoy how vibrant movement gives animation to a form being imagined. I enjoy the effect of swinging between the massing of the high contrast of values and the use of the occulting of vague detail. I enjoy how a feeling of a “moody noir eroticism” arises out of the play of line, value, and figure. Whether or not the work has achieved anything meaningful is inconsequential. What it has achieved is the opening  up possibly and direction in what can now be done.

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