Dragging another one across the finish line. The image felt doable on first glance, a figure in high contrast light with an artifact effect from what appears to be camera movement (one of my favorite effects) and an unexplained over exposure running across the bottom half.

I knew going in that trying to do the original image justice was most likely beyond my skills. That capturing the movement with a fuzzing of the value across the image was going to be difficult at best on the first try, but I found just getting the image blocked in using the lowest value possible was outside the reach of my past experience this morning. Even maintaining control of my charcoal was completely beyond me.

Like the last drawing, very early into laying down the charcoal, I felt that it would be best to manage my embarrassment by pull it off the board then and there. Resisting the temptation, it was instead quickly finished. Yes it’s embarrassing, but despite that, or because of it, I might need to have another go at this one before the freshness of the struggle fades away… Mmmmmmmaybe later….

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