Session #40 Rick

I don’t know why it feels so good pushing color into the drawings at session. My guess is that after spending a few weeks of intentionally sticking to using charcoal in the studio with an aim of gaining a sense of how to strategically actually apply it in a drawing… switching back to building forms using loose lines, solid proportion, and a free color pallet feels like cheating, I genuinely enjoy not only making work in open session, but I think I enjoy the direction the work is moving. I say “I think” because I don’t know how I would feel about the work if, being previously unfamiliar with it, I ran across it on a wall. I’ve seen some of this work framed now, and I’m proud of it. It’s been made to sing to me and when it works, it does just that, but if would it if I hadn’t experienced it in the manner that I have?
Occasionally, scratched out writing is found tucked away on a scrap of paper, unfamiliar, reading it, it blows my mind in how well it speaks to me. When the realization this was something that was left behind by my hand, I’m a bit taken aback. We can truly surprise ourselves with what we do to entertain ourselves. Many of the things that are made in the moment are taken for granted once finish, only to be appreciated later long after they’ve been put down and forgotten.

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