Day 61

I’ve been feeling pretty upbeat about the drawing experiment this week; a short series of 4” by 4” charcoal drawings, masked off and dropped in. I’m even getting used to the initial confusion after the marks start getting lain down. So far, the drawings don’t seem to pull together until the end… and on day like today, even at the end it ends in disappointment.
The upside of disappointment is knowing, that at least, the next one will most likely be better than what was just finished. Still, it’s the struggle of challenge that I’m currently attracted to, not the finished piece. If each piece came off of the board leaving me satisfied, I don’t think the successful drawings would delight me as much as they do. Good or not, each is thrown in the same forgotten pile behind the couch. This particular disappointment should probably be done over. It had potential that been completely lost in implementation.

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