A Short Tether 

I’m looking down at this drawing, seeing it as an element of a larger project, a month long daily exercise set up to address a personal need to be able to hit a baseline for drawing… I need to know that I can draw a person and have it actually look like the person that I’m drawing… but my need isn’t just to be able to draw a representation, instead I need to believe in my ability to do so.
I need to prove this to myself so I can assert my own self determination without feeling a need to excuse my inclination towards an overindulgence in color and form. Where as before, I felt that at times I was avoiding what I couldn’t do by doing what I could do, ( i.e. I was compensation for an inability to capture a likeness, with an excessive use of color), now that I’m moving closer to grasping an ability to provide a likeness to a drawing, I’m ready to untether myself from naturalistic representation and dive back into color. 

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