Session #41

Is Instagram changing how we view our own past bodies of work? The constant need to feed a feed or get buried by the feed sinks into a habitual pattern. Rightly or wrongly, I’m finding myself believing that what’s being done takes precedence over what’s been done, which takes precedence over what was done… When an identity is anchored in what is being done at any given moment, it can be surprising how little pride is found in a past portfolio of finished work, to busy in the moment to look back. What’s coming will be even better.

The pile of finished work is constantly being fed whether or not anyone is watching, but does the ability to share what’s happening diminish what’s happened? Or does a body of work have a greater impact when it’s built up and shown en-mass?

This is from the view point of the maker. When I’m sitting in the audience, I enjoy an artist’s back catalog of work.

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