Portable Gallery Wall

Took the template for the 4 by 4 paper masked format Project into session to see what would come out of it. I liked it. While I enjoy the added limitation of such a small working space, what I really found value in was how the masking so cleanly claimed a generous amount of white space around the image, and the distinct boarder it created between white space and the image frame. The boarder itself became an object, the same as the white space and the actual image. The way that the charcoal, the charcoal washes, and the abrupt whiteness of the clean paper work together, they light my system up. It’s an easy technique that adds a noticeable spice to the whole image. Even an image as simple as the one being shown in this post, it gains an extra feeling of polish from the capturing of the white space. It’s like a self contained gallery wall.

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