From Dirt to Sky

Know your worth from dirt to sky…

Know your worth? Everyone (myself included ) seems preoccupied with perceived worth. “What do you do for a living?” is usually the first question in a short string of questions when meeting someone new. What are you valued for? We know it affects the individual because we see it, we catch ourselves judging the outside of a person, how their worth shows up superficially. To get close enough to explore the wiring of their personality, psychology, shadows, sexuality, philosophy, and sense of art…. well that’s dangerous work. We are wired for connecting with others, it’s one of the most pleasent activities that we do. It’s also potentially the one of the most psychologically damaging. We move through a time that has made it easier to disconnect from others and divert ourselves from becoming and growing more developed. We don’t need to be paid by someone else as a standard of worth. What we need is connections. What we need is to discover for ourselves what it means to be interesting, use that as the template for being you, whatever that looks like and is.

“You’re attached to who you want to be, not who you actually are…” I believe that there’s plenty of room for both.

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