Shift of Intent

During the past 3 months, the challenge put forward has been to hit a straight forward, easy to relate to, easy to understand target. To be able to draw confidently and naturalistically. To be able to make drawings that look like the objects and scenes being drawn… To be able to do this so I can, with intention, decide to not do this. So I can play freely with color and have that be my choice rather than feel that color is a mask for an inability to capture likenesses.
Rather straight forward. I want to validate my decision to pursue a personal taste because I have a need to feel that what I’m making is a decision based on ability, rather than the only option based on my inability. (I’m going to acknowledge that it’s what we can’t do that limits us, not what we can do. With that said, are still allowed (if not encouraged) to expand the potential of what we are actually capable of, by challenging ourselves with the types of growth that makes us feel good. )
It feels timely to be running through this exercise as well, with everything being upturned by pandemic, a bit of black and white naturalistic drawing is “comfort food” for the visual pallet, a bit less chaotic, a bit more calming. At this point, I admit, I’m hesitant to move away from what has already become familiar for me despite how recent the shift into this format has been..

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