Drop the Penny 

The challenge to make at least one 4″by 4″ charcoal drawing a day for 3 days finished last week it hour any fanfare. Originally this was a two part assignment. The second part was to mount a selection of works in frames and hang them at the Empresso Coffee Haus over the span of a month. With 30 works in hand, the idea was to cycle works through the frames effectively creating a new hanging of work every 9 days.
Today is April 2nd. The shelter in place order has been in place for 2 weeks already and the Empresso has been open, but is usually empty. The rush to mount the finished project throttled down as it became apparent that life was quickly becoming seriously interesting for everyone. Now that a new disfunctional normal has been established, I’d like to land this project. I believe I’d enjoy the finished installation even more knowing that despite showing in what is usually a busy public space, very, very few will end up seeing the work. I just want to see the finished project realized, see what it actually looks like hanging on the walls.
It’s going to be a while before normal is normal again. Probably shouldn’t wait, instead it’s time to drop the penny, commit, and see this through.

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