Lady in Blue

There’s a somewhat uncomfortable realization that I’m unconsciously addicted to the swish and swirl of problems. So much so, that even in the midst of a pandemic, I’d go out of my way to create a few sidebar problems to pine away on quietly in the corner. 

“Lady Jessica” 5″by 5″ hard pastel and pencil on paper

Hence the Lady in Blue…. I can’t problem solve through most of what’s going on around us. I’m lucky to still be working while everyone else is late doff. We have food, shelter, and our health. More importantly, the kids Jess and I all are well practiced at working together and getting along. Exaggeration isn’t necessarily to say that, despite everything happening so far, we are finding smiles on each other’s faces. Hence the need to create these sidebar problems… they are problems that have no impact on anyone else, cause no unneeded trouble, concern no one… other than myself. It feels nice to have something to engage in, act out, work through, enjoy. It feels good to revel in the muse that sits so close that I can feel her warmth as she smiles back at me. 

“Lady Jessica” 5″by 5″ hard pastel and pencil on paper

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