Still Life With Strawberry

Sit down and do what’s in your head… Moving the old bronze skull that Jess planted up with a strawberry daughter a few weeks ago, out onto the ledge of the porch, and drawing that while relaxing, that’s what was in my head.

“Still Life With Strawberry” 5”by 8” pastel on paper

…and it worked(ish). I didn’t have a clear vision for what I wanted. I thought I did, but now looking at the result, I suspect what I had was a vague image connected to a feeling. The image I had in mind was darker in tone, and frankly, I whiffed it on the feeling I wanted to achieve. I don’t know how to describe what I wanted other than to say I wanted to feel it in my lower gut on my left hand side. (Sounds weird saying it, but that’s what I wanted.)

Still… the idea is out of my head, now it’s either play with it, develop it, or move on.

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