“Adiline” 5”by 5” charcoal and white pastel on paper

There’s an arousal in deciphering the familiar from a collage of marks and lines. It taps into a scanning response that hums away in the unconscious coding of adults that were raised in unpredictable or unstable environments. Art has the ability to safely activate this state of mind and tantalize it with the visual swish and flick of an experience intended to jostle thoughts and feelings.

Teasing out a pattern holds an allure that I’m strongly drawn to. It’s reflective in my preference to move away from definitive drawing and instead towards suggestive figurative drawing, towards stream of consciousness with threads to pull on and unravel.

This particular drawing isn’t that, but it’s hints at a drifting away from the literal and instead letting a drawing be a drawing. Joy being found both in recognition and the physical experience of mark making.

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