Moving Towards Shaping an Aesthetic

Paper transferred slipped surface design on greenware
Paper strips with initial outlining done using underglaze.
Subject matter is subordinate to design… it’s an ideal, that the function of the form, the the psychological impacts of each of the elements that make up the form, and the recognition and attention to each element… all take precedence over the subject matter of the surface design.
Not to necessarily downplay the importance of a surface. An archetype object has itself as a presence to lean back on. The surface design is meant to embellish the the object. It excentuates. Embellishment need not be made tobe the purpose of the object, the surface design honors the archetype of the object itself. It lures thane by way of the eye like bee too a flower. The intention is to move the user into the work as they hold it. I want the lip to feel a certain way against the lips, the curve and angles of the hips and foot to waken the fingers as they are held, the weight and balance to delight the wrist, the surface to arouse the eye… It’s a bit much to ask of a little clay cup, but magically it does seem to happen.

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