Where are We Standing 

If the aesthetic is brutish haptic, these are flinging themselves close to the mark. They are definitely challenging what I consider acceptable by questioning what is unacceptable…. Does a perfectly suitable functional object become less suitable because its surface design is outside a subjective norm.

It’s a lot of color (that’s a big change)…. The line quality is too uniform (use your brushes)… Figure out the terminus lines (measure more, guess less)… It’s ok for the haptic and brutish to emerge, it doesn’t need appear that a 4th grader is doing the work.

Collaborative work with my studio partner Jessica Fong. She’s been throwing and trimming the forms and I’ve been creating the slip paper transfers.

the result looks like bad cake decorating. I don’t think that’s a plus. Still…. It’s an interesting place to find myself standing.

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