Little Monsters

Rummaging around with this paper and slip transfer process in collaboration with Jess, working to see what arouses our interest. I’m still finding that it’s the pieces that initially feel uncomfortable are the ones that are generally returned to for reconsideration. The results has been growing on me, but it’s still all question marks.

I’m beginning to think of this as “the monster theory “. The condensed explanation is that most of us continually scan for anything that stands out from the ordinary. It’s hard wired into us as a survival strategy. When something new pops up and proves to be surprising, confrontational, challenging, and yet possibly alluring, we surprisingly often, find ourselves held in a state of arousal. We begin to associate what is being presented with that state of arousal, and a curious attraction sets in. It’s a short hop to becoming infatuated with our monsters.

The problem with what’s being presented is that now there’s a definite developed preference for feeling challenged by any work being set down for consideration. To be pleased with an object for it’s honest character (even if it’s an objectionable example of character) is in many ways preferable to an alternative of simple beauty. It’s a realization that I enjoy the arousal of monsters and question standards that are accepted without a need for thought.

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