Post it note 9/22

The question that’s poking me is whether any more time should be invested much further at this particular watering hole.
This project is still proving to be entertaining, and it’s a broadening exercise as long as each new work is intentionally designed to be just that (but that’s the case with any work)… Still, anyone could be making this work. With that in mind, it probably be a better use of time if I didn’t stay parked too long on this idea. Also, being that this particular project has no real defined purpose, I could just as well be investing my time in other activities with no purpose, activities that put me closer to where I want to be, figure drawing and painting. Seeing this project through to completion will be the fun, but then it’ll be time to head back to the drawing studio. It’s been almost over a month since I last sat down with charcoal but it feels like much, much longer.

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