Monthly Archives: October 2020

Prayer 10/22

The chime and chatter of a haunting melody, a standard sung of a moments loneliness, and the passing contentment of some colossal thing. We celebrate these in clay, fire, and stone, bringing to our lips a wish for a potential shared delight.

Swamping the Eye

The question that’s chalked up on the board is, how does the continuity of a design arise from the interaction and resolution of multiple discrete points?

Yeah, well… although I don’t have any definitive answers, this series is taking a swing at this question by purposely attempting to swamp the eye with an intentionally busy design made up of many independent elements, a floral tangle of sgraffito cut directly into the clay surface covers the entire exteriors of the yunomi.

All the elements are being tied together into a whole by using rhythm, spacing, balance, line thickness, movement, and color – with the aim of tripping up the eye by using a density of the design to force a viewer to pause, engaging their attention, and drawing them in.

Being that the canvas (in this case a yunomi) is cylindrical, the designs essentially have the ability to lead into themselves. It’s a property that has already had a demonstrative ability to have an effect on the viewer, the premise being that as the design is followed, the mind relaxes.