Little Bit Like Horseshoes

There’s a need to try to do what we believe we can’t do, to entertain the notion that, while we may be bad at doing this or doing that, we can still, at very least, delight in the action of attempted realization.

There are multiple proven processes for mapping out a drawing and more than a handful of strategies for establishing proportions and laying in details, (still working my way through those lists). There’s also a recognition that there’s a game to be played, playing close to the strategies and rules while allowing oneself to wander freely off trail. The combination can create a discordance that’s felt more acutely than playing more strictly to what’s been prescribed.

I enjoy the hurky-jerky sketchy quality of “eyeballing” a figure together. The lining up of details is of secondary importance in comparison to the juxtaposition of fields of value.

It’s a strategy that leads away from accuracy, landing somewhat closer to a mood. Still… it does feel that this viewpoint in an attempt to post rationalize the misplacement of puzzle pieces or to validate a “lazy” attitude towards drawing, but there is a charge that comes with making a mess on a piece of paper and drawing my way out of it. It’s much more interesting to my sensibilities as a viewer than an blind faith acceptance of the cult of accuracy.


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