What Ideas Are You Living?

Are we to be ruled by the maximum of what works is the rule?… or instead, do we find ourselves self destructive to a fault… are we a pleaser?.. a rebel… a colorist… a figurative artist?… do we have a preference for the easy out of the abstract… is it meaningless without meaning… are we a habitual narrator… an explainer… an explorer… solely reliant on the crutch of function for validation…

How each of us shows up is defined essentially by who we are… reflexively, each of us individuates ourselves with our ideas, thoughts, and actions.

We unconsciously succumb to our born temperaments. Of upholding. Of obliging. Of questioning. Of rebellion.

We relax into strategies that engineer a projected image.

We play to our styles of attachment.

We actively individuate our self-identity with what we are doing, and describe our ideas with what’s been done.

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