Negotiating with an Object

While making an object, there’s a negotiation going on with the object as it’s being made. Tangents of possibilities, humors, and accidents steady nudge work away from the initial course, continually forcing reevaluation and readjustment of expectations.

It’s an attribute that arises from valuing the novel character of a nuanced revelation over the predictability of a predetermined ideal and from steadily working at the periphery of understanding. This is a methodology that quickly becomes uncomfortable with the emerging pattern of settled solutions. There’s a preference for the shift and adjustment of assumptions, testing, and readjusting, moving towards possibilities with the sureness of reasoned faith rather than the familiarity of experience.

Eureka moments are surprises, usually the result of an unforeseen course correction.

Taken to an extreme, when embraced, surprise becomes an ambition. An impulse in itself.

It’s an abpt metaphor for a life being lived. Seldom do any of us end up in life where we origally intended. We steer ourselves through situations towards an optimistic ideal…

There’s an aesthetic appreciation for a range of possibilities that lands us face up.

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