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Just because something is possible, it doesn’t infer that it’s meaningful.

Through failure and misunderstanding, you create a new virtual idea.

Too little is made of the absence of wonder.

Too little is made in the presence of beauty.

Arousal of Judgment

The essential expectation is that I don’t want to be bored by what’s in front of me… it needs to arouse something in me to be worth judgment… whether good or bad.

The pinnacle of expectation is an shift in consciousness, an experience of a change of perspective or an understanding.

The lowest point is ambivalence…


“Stockholm” pastel and charcoal on A4 paper, 7.5”by 10.5, Zygote, 2021

The mental gridding out of a rectangular image from a photo to paper isn’t a one to one ratio, often it’s elongated vertically, leading to a built in distortion in the drawing. The two could be synced up, but the distortion stresses my system and seems to pull me in more successfully. It a Stockholm Syndrome kind of thing, bonding through trauma.